Change Log

Previous versions are available.

  • Version v5.4.1 (2017-08-08)
    • SSL Server support for the GUI.
    • File sending and copy to clipboard in persistent connection window
    • Upgrade to Qt 5.9
    • New macro: UNIQUE
  • Version v5.3.1 (2017-02-20)
    • Critical bug fix when sending responses.
    • Now using AppImage for Linux (thanks probonopd!)
  • Version v5.3 (2017-02-18)
    • SSL Client!. Also supported in persistent mode and on the command-line.
    • Session restore
    • File load option
    • DNS is now on-demand translated
    • Default TCP/UDP server ports are now dynamic
    • Command-completion in persistent window
    • Default copy format is now raw packet
    • Hotkeys (for automation through the GUI)
    • Gatekeeper on-launch bug fix for Mac
  • Version v5.1 (2016-07-23)
    • Console version no longer requires GUI libraries. It is truly a "console" app
    • Lots of bug fixes with Persistent TCP
    • Console version now loops and waits the desired -w time
    • Note that zero is valid and can be used for dynamic binding
  • Version v5.0 (2016-03-20)
    • Persistent TCP Server. The UI dialog now appears.
    • Resend via persistent TCP renders UI dialog and keeps sending
    • The HEX field is a lot smarter. Should be a lot easier to paste data.
  • Version v4.9 (2016-02-23)
    • Packet Sender now supports smart replies. See the new "Smart Responses" tab for more details.
    • Macros are now supported in Smart Responses: {{TIME}}, {{DATE}}, {{UNIXTIME}}, {{RANDOM}}
    • Packet Sender now has EBCDIC support in smart replies and as a keyboard shortcut on the ASCII screen.
  • Version v4.7 (2016-01-24)
    • IPv6 has been added back to the servers in the form of a toggle switch. Packet Sender will use intelligence to decide if to send using IPv4 or IPv6 via its client.
  • Version v4.4 (2015-12-12)
    • The combined IPv6/IPv4 engine that Qt now uses has shown to be very unreliable for Packet Sender's IPv4's persistent connections. Packet Sender's IPv6 binding has been reduced until a better solution can be found.
  • Version v4.3 (2015-12-05)
    • Settings Save bug (TCP Server setting was getting lost)
    • Resend supports a single decimal point
    • Exit Resending after X number of sends
    • New IPv4 Subnet Calculator
    • Updated to Qt 5.5 libraries
    • Low level port number warnings
    • Resend warning if persistent connection set
    • Data size tooltip
  • Version 2015-05-27
    • Bug fixes related to settings
  • Version 2015-05-10
    • Persistent Connections
    • Modern split UI
    • Menu system
    • Traffic log a little faster
    • is now HTTPS
  • Version 2015-04-19
    • Portable mode
    • Read in file from command line
    • Save traffic log
    • Mobile versions have been abandoned. Project focus is now on the far more popular desktop version.
  • Version 2015-02-13
    • Migrated to GitHub
    • New vector-based logo
    • Bug fix in quick-disable/enable
    • Migrated to Qt 5.4
    • Ubuntu version brought up to date.
    • Forums are closed (spammers killed it).
  • Version 2014-10-07
    • Initial launch of forums.
    • Multi-Send.
    • Quick-send from traffic log selected packets.
    • Packet Export/Import.
    • Rolling traffic log support.
    • Numerous configuration settings added:
      • Copy raw packet data to clipboard.
      • Receive before send.
      • Connection delays for slow devices.
    • Command line interface default binds to 0.
    • Universal (XP through 8.1) Windows installer.
    • Migrated to Qt 5.3
    • Some rework of the "About" section.
  • Version 2014-02-22
    • TCP connections are now fully threaded (no more UI freezes).
    • Brand new and highly capable command line interface. (Run PacketSender --help)
    • Some mild UI enhancements to make sending easier.
    • Ubuntu version brought up to date.
    • Windows XP now separated.
    • Qt 5.2
  • Version 1.5 (Mobile)
    • Android version released.
  • Version 2013-11-18
    • Copy to Clipboard button on traffic log.
    • Name prompt for traffic log.
  • Version 2013-11-11
    • Bad installer on Windows. No other changes made.
  • Version 2013-11-09
    • Searching packets from traffic log.
    • Fixed some traffic log stability problems.
  • Version 2013-11-05
    • Added resending packets at user-specified intervals.
    • Traffic log sped up significantly.
    • Packet searching.
    • Table headers (both saved packets and traffic log) can be rearranged.
    • Response packet for TCP actually works now.
    • Response packet data can be manually updated.
    • About / License stuff moved to another tab.
    • Internal libraries updated.
  • Version 2013-10-20
    • 64-bit Ubuntu and Linux Mint support.
  • Version 2013-10-14
    • Ubuntu and Linux Mint support.
  • Version 2013-05-20
    • Saving is less quirky.
    • Domain names can be used in IP address line. Packet Sender will do a quick lookup to find the IP.
    • Internal libraries updated.
  • Version 2012-09-12
    • Public release of deskop version.

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