Packet Sender The Free Network Test Utility

Packet Sender is a free open source utility to allow sending and receiving TCP and UDP packets (contains both client and server). It is available free (no ads / no bundleware) for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Typical Packet Sender uses include:

  • Controlling network-based devices in ways beyond their original apps
  • Test automation (using its command line tool)
  • Testing network APIs (using the built-in TCP and UDP clients)
  • Malware analysis (using the built-in UDP and TCP servers)
  • Testing network connectivity/firewalls (by having 2 Packet Senders talk to each other)
  • Tech support (by sending customers a portable Packet Sender with pre-defined settings and packets)

Packet Sender was designed to be very easy to use while still providing enough features for power users to do what they need. Packet Sender is licensed GPL v2 (source code on GitHub ) and thus can be used in commercial environments.


Versions for Windows, Mac, and Linux can be found here.


Ways to support Packet Sender!

  • Tell your friends!
  • Donate any amount with Paypal .
  • File bugs and feature requests at GitHub .
  • Follow @NagleCode for updates.

Packet Sender is wholly owned and copyright © Dan Nagle