My name is Dan Nagle, founder of NagleCode. I am the author and inventor of Packet Sender. Since releasing on GitHub in 2015, writing and supporting this app has been a 100% volunteer effort by me. I often receive requests that I frequently decline due to lack of time. However, if the request is important to you, I want to give you the chance to make it happen.

Hire the author

Is there an enhancement that you need? You can now hire me to add it to my app.

Here is how it works:

  1. I receive funding to improve Packet Sender.
  2. I add the enhancement.
  3. New enhancement is now part of open source Packet Sender.
  4. I release a new round of installers.
  5. Everybody wins! Hooray for open source!


This is not a "Work-for-hire":

  • All code I develop is owned by me.
  • Your deliverable will be a GPL v2 edition of Packet Sender with the enhancement.
  • Like the rest of Packet Sender, the code will be on GitHub.

More details

My rates are very reasonable. It is in both our interests to improve Packet Sender!